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Past Incidents

Monday 9th December 2019

Connectivity issues for some VPS customers

We're aware of some connectivity issues currently affecting customers that host VPS servers with ourselves. We're currently investigating this and will update you shortly.

[Update - 10:45] Things should now be online, our networking team are continuing to investigate the cause of the outage. Further updates to follow.

Thursday 5th December 2019

Issues affecting

We are currently investigating an issues with the cPanel server

The issue is currently affecting web and mail services.

Update: 16:40 We're currently migrating data off this server to new Hardware. We're hoping to complete the migration tonight, this may incur some downtime while the work is carried out.

Update: 22:58 The migration to new Hardware is complete and most customers should be up and running. Anyone with a dedicated IP address will have a slightly longer wait while we sort out your IP addresses. We appreciate your patience.

Update: 23:50 Dedicated IP's now working. If you're experiencing any issues please raise a ticket.

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Issues affecting Plesk 61, Plesk 65, and Plesk69

We are currently investigating issues with the following servers: - - -

We are currently investigating the issue, however services on these hosts are currently down. Updates will be provided as the issue is progressed.

Update 15:11 The servers plesk61 and plesk65 are currently up however we are still monitoring these and checking over services.

update 15:14 The server Plesk61 has gone down again. We are checking this.

update 15:40 The server plesk61 is currently running again, we have stopped some services we believe may be causing an issue and are still monitoring.

Update 16:16 All 3 servers are currently up. We believe we have found the service that is causing the issue and are currently running through this with the third party software providers.

Update 04/12/2019 - 09:00AM We're working with CloudLinux to try and get to the root-cause of the problem. This does unfortunately mean you may see more interruption to your services.