Customers may be experiencing downtime on VPS service. Saturday 6th February 2021 18:05:00

Some customers are currently experiencing some issues with their VPS service. This is being investigated by our Senior Engineers. An update on the service will be given as soon as possible.

Engineers are still working to bring the remaining VMs online.

All Virtual Machines are now running. If you do encounter any difficulties with your server please contact our support team

Offline virtual machines have been brought back online.

Engineers are working to identify any running machines that are still affected.

Engineers are investigating a repeat of errors affecting some services on our Virtual server platforms.

Engineers have now brought all services online.

If you do continue to see problems with your Virtual Server, please get in touch with our support team.

Engineers have brought most virtual servers back online now. We are still working on the remaining few as a matter of urgency.

Engineers are still working to bring the remaining Virtual Servers affected back online.

Services are now being restored to operation. We are still working on the issue actively to resolve any further issues.

Engineers are still working on the issue in conjunction with the software vendors, we have no further information at this time.

Engineers are still working on the issue. We have not further update on a timescale to resolution at this time.

The underlying fault has been identified and engineers are working to bring offline virtual machines online.

We're unable to provide an ETA at this time.

The fault has been escalated to the software vendors for further investigation and resolution. We will update further when we have further information.