Issue affecting Plesk66 Saturday 13th June 2020 16:38:00

Engineers are working to identify a fault with the Plesk66 server which affects both email and websites.

As you may be aware we had an issue with the server Plesk66 over the weekend. Initial attempts to resolve the issue failed which resulted in a restore of data from backup to a new server. Due to the volume of files and the nature of restoration operations, this took some time but is now complete.

We are aware of the following issues following the restoration of data:

1 - Due to the way permissions are stored within Plesk there are some issues with custom file permissions that you will need to reset from within the panel. 2 - Your current FTP password will not work. 3 - PHP MyAdmin is currently not functioning for database access.

To resolve 2 and 3 above, please reset the relevant password from within the panel.

Should you be experiencing any issues other than the above please log a support ticket and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

We’re sorry for the frustration and inconvenience this has caused you.

The restore is now complete and the sites have now been restored to operation.

Access to the Plesk control panel will remain restricted for the time being.

If you are still encountering any errors or issues with your website or email access, please touch with our Support team.

File restore is progressing well however is taking time due to the nature of file restore operations and the number of files involved vs size/type.

The restore of website data is still ongoing.

Mail services, excluding webmail, have been returned to operation.

Work is ongoing to restore services. We have no update on the timescale at this time.

Work to resolve the issue affecting this server is ongoing.

Engineers have been unable to resolve the fault and are proceeding to restoration from backup. We do not have a timescale on this completing at this time, but once we have an estimate this will be posted here.