Migration of Liberty, Alpha and Bell. Wednesday 26th February 2020 10:30:00

Today we performing the migration of Liberty.xssl.net, Alpha.xssl.net and Bell.xssl.net.

This migration will start with Liberty.xssl.net at 10:30am and we expect to be finished by 12:30pm.

Updates will be posted as these are progressed.

The migration of Liberty, Alpha and Bell is now complete.

If you spot any problems with your hosting please raise a ticket and we will check this for you.

Thank you for your patience.

The migration of bell.xssl.net has now started, services have stopped and data is being transferred. We expect this to take 2 hours so the expected time of completion is 4pm.

The migration of Alpha.xssl.net has finished. The New IPs are on the server and services should now be running.

The Migration of Liberty.xssl.net is now finished.

We have now started the migration of Alpha.xssl.net. Services on the Alpha server have been stopped and the sync has started.

The Sync has finished and we are currently adding IPs to the new Host. The services should be back up shortly for Liberty.xssl.net

The services on liberty.xssl.net have stopped and the migration has begun. Updates will be provided as this is progressed.