Migration of servers Firefly, Delta and Delphin Monday 24th February 2020 10:00:00

Today we will be performing the Migration of 3 servers: firefly.xssl.net - Start of Migration 10am, Expected to finish 12pm. delta.xssl.net - Expected Start of Migration 12pm, Expected finish 2pm (will start once firefly has finished). delphin.xssl.net - Expected start of Migration 2pm, Expected finish 4pm (will start once delta has finished).

While the servers are being moved, services will be down until the restore has finished.

We will do our best to get these done sooner than expected and get services running again. Updates will be posted throughout the day as this is progressed.

The issues with sites showing holding pages have been resolved. If you still find any issues please contact Support.

The migration of delphon.xssl.net has now finished. We are seeing some tickets regarding holding pages, we are currently working on this however if you do see one, please raise a ticket so we are aware.

The services on delphin.xssl.net have now been stopped. The sync has started and we expect this to finish in about 2 hours.

The migration of delta.xssl.net is finished. If you have any issues, please contact support.

We believe we have identified the issue and the network team is looking. We hope to have this back shortly.

Currently investigating an issue with the server.

The sync for delta.xssl.net has finished. The IPs will not be migrated

The sync of delta is still currently running, We expect this to take another 20-30 minutes.

The Migration of delta.xssl.net has begun. The services on the existing host have been stopped and the sync has started.

The IP transfer has been done on the Firefly.xssl.net server. If you have any issues please contact Support.

The sync of firefly.xssl.net has now finished. We will be transferring over the IPs now where any services on this host should continue.

The sync is still currently running for Firefly.xssl.net. At the current rate of transfer, we expect it to take another 30 minutes. We apologise that this is taking longer than originally expected.

The services on firefly.xssl.net have now stopped and the sync has been started. Further updates will be provided as this is progressed.