Email deliverability - Microsoft Monday 5th February 2024 13:50:00

We are still seeing isolated issues with the Microsoft platforms (at Microsoft).

We have worked tirelessly to do whatever we can to help them solve this, and those conversations continue. Please do keep reporting any issues you see, Our teams are online to help 24x7, as always.

Thanks for all those customers who have helped, and who have supported us during this period. We will remember your support - it means a lot.


The Hosting UK teams.

We continue to speak to Microsoft, who have again acknowledged that the problems we have witnessed are at their end of the chain.

This relates to recent changes made to their global SPAM filtering engine.

While they have identified this issue, it may take some time to fix for all users.

If you can help us by asking any affected customers to report email as "NOT JUNK specifically", this will help Microsoft expedite the process.

As we continue working with our partners on the ongoing issue, we see gradual deliverability improvements. We will continue to work on this throughout the day, as always please reach out if we can be of any assistance.

We are still awaiting full resolution from Microsoft on this issue.

Apologies for this, there are still partial blocks in place, and we are trying our hardest to get this resolved.

Thanks and appreciate your understanding.

The Hosting UK team.

We are starting to see some progress at the Microsoft level.

Whilst this news is positive, it is also tentative.

We will keep our eyes on this progress into the evening and update with any key progress.

Thanks for all your patience and understanding.

The Hosting UK teams.

Good morning. Still no response from Microsoft this morning, but we are hopeful for some information today.

Again, thanks for your patience and understanding. The teams are here to help where they can.

Warm regards,

The Hosting UK teams.

We continue to try and get Microsoft to help.

We have been voracious in our attempts for contact, escalation, and resolution. We continue to watch this space.

We can only (again) apologise for any disruption this is causing. We feel your pain.

Hosting UK has done nothing wrong here, something has changed inside the Microsoft policy engine, and can only continue to engage with our contacts at Microsoft.

The wheels at Microsoft seem to go very slow sometimes...


The Hosting UK teams.

We are still waiting on a resolution from Microsoft. Sorry to keep repeating this.

Please bear with us, and again thanks for your patience.

The Hosting UK team.

We are still waiting on a resolution from Microsoft on this issue. Discussions continued late last night.

We understand frustrations, and have been bowled over by your understanding and patience, thanks.

Please bear with us, and we will continue to update you throughout the day.

Regards, The Hosting UK teams.

We are still in discussion with Microsoft teams regarding this issue. We have noted that Micosoft's own emails to us have arrived in the Junk E-Mail folders and advised Microsoft of this.

We are still working with Microsoft to get this deliverability issue resolved. There is some progress, and will let you know as soon as we can provide something more concrete.

We cannot (at this point) offer and time to resolution, but there is now at least some correspondence.

Thanks again for your patience, our teams really appreciate it.

The Hosting UK team.

We are in active conversation with Microsoft - which is progress, of a kind.

Please do continue to bear with us, and we all appreciate your patience. We are working tirelessly to try and get this resolved - across our group.


The Hosting UK team.

We are still waiting on word from Microsoft this morning. We are doing everything we can to escalate this with them.

Thanks for your patience, and understanding.


The Hosting UK team.

Unfortunately we are still awaiting feedback from Microsoft.

We continue to monitor the situation, and probe Microsoft for a resolution.

We can only apologise for these sporadic issues. It is out of control on the Hosting UK teams

We do appreciate your patience and understanding.