Issues on / Migration to new host Tuesday 17th December 2019 12:58:00

Due to an issue with the system on the server we are currently in the progress of syncing accounts across to new hardware.

Due to the nature of the issue, we need to move this as soon as possible so we will be looking at performing the migration later this evening (Tueday 17th ~9pm).

This will require downtime of the server, however we will do our best to keep this to a minimum. Updates will follow as this is progressed.

The migration to the new host appears to have been successful on the sites we have tested. We suggest clients check their sites and contact support if there are any issues.

The resync has finished. We are no moving the IP addresses over to the new server and assigning these to accounts.

We are about to perform the final sync of data. Services (web and mail) will be stopped on the host to prevent any missed data between the sync and startup of the new host. Updates to follow.

We're currently running a sync of the data over to a new host. The live host may be slow for a while as this is running.

We have also noticed a few users on an IP address, due to configuration limitations in cpanel we cannot configure more than 1 shared IP. If anyone is runing on this IP and DOESN'T have DNS hosted with us, then this will need to be updated to: