Inaccessible Services - email and shared web hosting Tuesday 8th August 2023 02:20:00

Engineers are investigating possible issues accessing some services for mail or websites.

Whilst systems are all restored, we are still hunting down some gremlins as we go.

Our teams are all online and ready to help, if you are still seeing any issues, please do get in touch and we will be happy to assist.


The Hosting UK teams.

We are still working on one of our servers - we hope this work to be completed very soon.

Apologies once again for the delay.


The Hosting UK team.

We continue to monitor our systems closely - and the teams are all here to help you work through any lingering issues, via Livechat and Tickets.

All systems are now operational and restored.

Thanks for your patience and kindness yesterday, and of course our sincere apologies for any disruption caused.

The team worked tirelessly to restore the systems, and we continue to investigate.


The Hosting UK teams.

We are currently running tests on our systems, and are hopeful services are restored. Update shortly.

Thanks again for your patience.

We have one system still restoring - this will continue this evening.

Other services have now completed, or are in the process of completing.

Thanks again for your patience and continued support. We honestly appreciate it.

The Hosting UK team.

Services continue to come back online, the team are still working hard to ensure this happens as quickly as possible.

Again, thanks for your ongoing patience.

The Hosting UK team.

Some services are starting to come back online; however, other services should return this evening.

We can only apologise for the interruption in service today. Our team will continue to work flat-out till all services are restored.

Thanks once again for your patience today; we all appreciate it.

The Hosting UK team.

Restores of shared hosting and email services are progressing. Email users, please bear in mind that email will be delivered when the service is restored. We do not anticipate any loss of emails.

Our team appreciate your patience with this matter - they are all doing everything they can to get those affected up and running as soon as possible.

Engineers are still working hard to restore email and shared web hosting services on some servers. Whilst the restoration is taking longer than desired, there is good progress, thanks for your ongoing patience, the team appreciate it.

We are still working hard to restore services - this is taking longer that anticipated, and may go on into the afternoon for some services.

Our team are still working on restoring the impacted services.

Our system engineers continue to work on the restoration of affected services - including shared email and shared web hosting.

Our system engineers continue to work on the restoration of affected services.

Engineers are continuing to investigate.