Migration of wasp.xssl.net Wednesday 11th December 2019 12:14:00

Due to an issue with the system on the server wasp.xssl.net we are currently in the progress of syncing accounts across to new hardware.

Due to the nature of the issue, we need to move this as soon as possible so we will be looking at performing the migration later this evening (Wednesday 11th).

This will require downtime of the server, however we will do our best to keep this to a minimum. Updates will follow as this is progressed.

Update [19:40] We've now began the migration of wasp to new hardware. During this time your sites will not be accessible. We hope this will be a swift migration.

Update [20:30] Most websites should now be up and running. Anyone using a dedicated IP address will have a slightly longer wait while we work out some kinks.

Update [22:10] All works now completed. If you're experiencing any technical issues please raise a support ticket and we'll be happy to assist.