Access to Spam Filter Portal Temporarily Unavailable. Monday 16th May 2022 12:31:00

Access to is temporarily unavailable but all other services are working as normal.

The issue has been identified and is currently being investigated. We apologise for any issues it may be causing.

The Spam Filter has been accessible since Friday 20/05/2022.

If you are still experiencing any issues please get in touch with our team.

The panel is currently showing a "500 Error".

The server's disk has been rebuilt successfully but the service is now inaccessible. We are in contact with the Spam Experts support team to look into all avenues and resolve the continuous issues.

The Spam Filter is still facing a long load time. This is due to a disk swap, which was completed Tuesday 18/05/2022.

The disk is currently in a rebuild state, it is taking longer than we expected. We apologise again for the delay.

The panel is now accessible and we are monitoring the service.

If you come across any issues please open up a Support Ticket with our Technical Team.