SSL Certificate Mismatch Wednesday 20th April 2022 22:57:00

We are currently experiencing some SSL errors on one of our services.

Our Senior Engineers are aware of the issue and it is being investigated. If you believe you are being affected by this issue please open up a Support Ticket with us so our team can take a look for you.

This issue was resolved yesterday morning.

After over 24 hours the issue has not reappeared. If you are still having issues with your SSL please get in touch with our team.

The fix our Senior Engineers have applied has not worked successfully. We are seeing sites secure for a few minutes before showing the original error again.

Our team is actively working to resolve this issue as a top priority.

We do not currently have an ETA for this issue, we apologise for the issues this is causing.

Our Senior Engineers have been working through this issue this morning. A fix has been applied and a server reboot has also been put through.

We are going to continue to monitor this issue. Thank you for your patience whilst this is investigated.