All systems are operational

Past Incidents

Tuesday 5th September 2023

Shared Hosting Servers (HUK) plesk41 hardware replacement.

Engineers are taking the plesk41, (also knows as plesk65, plesk73) offline for a short period to replace some failed hardware. The server should be offline only briefly.

Thursday 31st August 2023

Shared Hosting Servers (HUK)

We're aware of some issues with the shared hosting server and have our engineers working on this.

Wednesday 30th August 2023

Cloud Servers

We are currently experiencing an issue with CLOUD servers, Our technical team are aware of this issue and are working towards a resoloution.

Tuesday 22nd August 2023

Telephone Calls

We are currently unable to take inbound phone calls,  customers should get in contact by raising a ticket via the support area.